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My #1 Confidence Bait? A 3/8 oz. A.T. Jig.

Posted by Hayden Anderson on

As many of you already know, spring to fall, north to south, jigs catch some of the biggest bass for anglers day in and day out. That's why a jig always will have residence on my boat deck. In my case, that jig is a 3/8oz. All-Terrain Tackle A.T. Jig in some sort of natural hue, whether it be Green pumpkin, Old School Watermelon, or Bama Bug with a craw type trailer to match. Up in Northern Wisconsin 75% of the lakes I fish are crystal clear and the bass are foraging on bluegill or crawfish a majority of the time.

img-1202.jpgTo me, the 3/8oz A.T. Jig is the most versatile jig on the market. The reason I choose the  3/8oz. weight is because it is just heavy enough to make accurate casts/flips with a medium heavy casting rod and it's not too heavy that it needs to be rigged on a heavy or extra heavy power broom stick. In the 3/8oz. weight I can flip it into some pretty thick cover and pull it back out with ease, I can cast and drag it in fairly deep water like a football jig without getting snagged on boulders, throw a bulky trailer on it and it skips like a flat rock under docks and lay downs, I could even trim down the weed guard and swim it if I had to and the 3/8oz weight can do all of that pretty darn good. 

If I run into a heavy grass mat or thick milfoil bed that's when I'll switch it up to the slick and slender Grassmaster Weed jig. If I know I'm going to be dragging a jig in fairly deep water and that's all I plan to do then I'll have a Football Jig rigged up ready to go. If I know the fish are up shallow and I want to cover water then I'm definitely going to have a Swim Jig locked and loaded. The A.T. Jig can do all of this but it isn't going to flip, drag, or swim as well as the jigs that All-Terrain makes for each specific technique but if I had to use only one jig all year, I'd pick the A.T. Jig.img-1116-fotor.jpg

My absolute favorite technique to use throughout the year is flipping the A.T. Jig around docks, wood or other shallow cover and I think that is where this jig really excels. In my opinion, the ideal rod/reel/line set up to use for this application is a 7'-7' 6" Heavy power fast action casting rod spooled up with 18lb flurocarbon line.

Last season I caught about 80% of my kickers on an A.T. Jig. When using this jig I have so much confidence knowing I have the potential to entice the biggest bass in the lake to bite on any given cast. It produced my personal best bass at 7.03 pounds and countless 4 & 5 pound bass, and those are the ones you want in your tournament bag at the end of the day. When in doubt chuck around an A.T. Jig and hold on.