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Mid-Summer Football Heading

Posted by Jim Moynagh on

One of the best periods of the year to fish with football heads is the mid-summer season. By this time, the bass are done spawning and have schooled up on deepwater structure like points and humps. These spots are often out deeper than the deep weedline, allowing a football head to freely crawl along the bottom without bogging down in the weeds. 

20170828-152016-fotor.jpgLook for the rock and gravel areas on the structure because this is where the bass gravitate towards. When an angler finds one of these “sweet” spots, several bass can be caught by repeating the same cast over and over with a football head.

What makes a football head excel in hard-bottom habitat can be attributed to the shape of the head and eye placement. With the wide, leading edge of the head and the topside eye placement, the jig does an excellent job of transmitting the lake bottom’s texture and hardness. It also will create more commotion than other jighead designs, better drawing the attention of bass.

As with most bass jigs, adding a plastic trailer to the hook is common. I use either a twintail grub trailer or a swimming craw. Either one adds a great deal of movement and action.

Mid-summer bass can often be lethargic and will need a bit of teasing to coax them into picking up the jig. So normally I fish a football head very slow during this period. Move it along the bottom a few inches at a time and then let it rest. And try shaking it in place as well.