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Jim used an early version of this bait to help him win over $250,000 in less than two years fishing bass tournaments. He also uses it regularly to determine the bottom composition on a particular piece of structure. You can read about Jim’s techniques for fishing the Football Head Jig in our Articles Archive section. Jim Moynagh’s Football Head Jig is a must for any serious bass fisherman’s arsenal.
The All Terrain Football Head Jig is the brushguard version of the Jim Moynagh Football Head Jig. Moynagh won nearly $200,000 while testing this jig on the FLW tour in 2006, including top finishes on Pickwick and Kentucky Lake. This is a new design from the non-brushguard jig that allows it to come through brush and timber better than ever before. Jim uses the original version on the rocks and the brushguard version if there is timber or brushpiles mixed in with the rock. The secrets out on one of the best patterns going!

Designed by B.A.S.S. and FLW touring Pro Jim Moynagh, the Rock Jig -Tournament Football Head is designed to help it travel through rocks and gravel, over ledges and through other hard bottom areas without getting hung-up. The Rock Jig is an updated version of Jim’s “Roller” football jig that Jim helped introduce in the mid-1990s. The new Terrain Tread on the underside of the jig actually grips the bottom allows you to feel the bottom composition better than ever before. We build the Rock Jig on a heavy, black-nickel, Mustad UltraPoint hook.

Jim Moynagh's Football Head Jig w/ Brushguard $3.49 ea. $3.49 ea. $3.49 ea.
$3.49 ea.
3/8 oz. 1/2 oz. 3/4 oz. 1 oz.
01 Black Blue
02 Rusty Craw
03 Watermelon/Red Flk
04 Natural Craw
05 Moynagh's Magic (Green Pumpkin/Purple)
06 Camo Craw
07 Peanut Butter and Jelly
08 A. T. Craw

Jim Moynagh's Rock Jig
$2.59 2 pk.
$2.59 2 pk.
$1.59 ea.
$1.59 ea.
3/8 oz. (3/0) 1/2 oz. (4/0) 3/4 oz. (4/0) 1 oz. (4/0)
01 Black
02 Light Crawfish
03 Watermelon/Red Flk.
04 Dark Crawfish
05 Moynagh’s Magic (Green Pumpkin/Purple)

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